RE:SET. re-vamps the way we
experience music.

we are:

Andre Heuvelman
Frans de Rond

RE:SET. is an intuitive collaboration between Andre Heuvelman and Frans de Rond, two greats from the Dutch music world.

Andre is a creative change maker. In the past the solo trumpet player of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and the Netherlands Wind Ensemble for more than 30 years. Now he is a cultural entrepreneur, performer, keynote speaker and creator/composer. Besides that he is a tone master that has the talent in person and with his trumpet to touch people deeply straight from his heart. It is his belief that the right tone moves one into a place of stillness, where vulnerability happens and intrinsic motivation is stimulated with music as a means. Music that comes in without knocking touches and allows people to connect with themselves and others.

Frans has made his mark with the recording and editing of music in the broadest sense of the word. He is also a valued and in-demand technician for the production of radio drama. Together Frans and Andre know how to realize music productions that touch people. Both musically and sound-technical. Frans is a pricewinner of the Prix d’ Europe for best podcast 2020.

we do:


big brands, audio & video content, ambient healthcare solutions, meditations/serious games, (business) well-being & many more experiences. 

So.. imagine..
An all-embracing music & mood modulating movement that lifts your product to an excellent stage and touches people deeply, comes in without knocking and results in a state of not thinking, mindfulness, readyness, steady heartbeats, regularly breathing and even meditative relaxation. Music works like a medicine. Music that empowers your own imagination & visualization and enables your own playful creation mind. Music without any form that always surprises you.

We work with real nature feed and classical top musicians for our creations.

What we did:


“the only real valuable thing is intuition”

Albert Einstein